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Bowen Therapy Can be the Key to Breast Cancer Recovery

Bowen Therapy has a wide range of practical applications, aiding in the healing of digestive issues, poor mobility and back problems to name a few. But did you know this natural therapy has been found helpful in assisting in breast cancer recovery? Read on to find out.

Readying the Body for Healing

One of the effects of Bowen Therapy is that it changes your body’s mode. Instead of the tense and stressed mode your body goes into through chemotherapy, the rebalancing movements of Bowen’s remedial massage techniques take your body into a more relaxed state. It is in this state that your body is then ready to focus on healing.

Stimulating Healing through the Nervous System

The gentle movements of the therapist’s fingers and thumbs over the skin make subtle suggestions to the fascia under the surface of this skin. This sends a signal to the nerves, stimulating the autonomic nervous system and encourages it to support the body’s ability to self-heal.

Helps you through Rounds of Chemo

People with breast cancer who have had Bowen Therapy Sessions between rounds of chemotherapy have found an increased quality of life after these therapeutic massage sessions. Bowen is a great way to support your body when it is going through cancer treatment. Those who have had Bowen sessions between rounds have chemo have experienced an increase in energy, relief from pain experienced in the neck and lower abdomen and felt and overall enjoyment of life. It also helped to decrease the negative side effects felt from the chemo.

Boosts the Immune System

The lymphatic and circulatory systems play major roles in the immune responses of the body. These systems are often compromised in people living with breast cancer, especially when going through drug treatments. Bowen therapy stimulates and improves the flow of the lymphatic and circulatory systems, supporting you to recover from your treatments and boosting your immune system.

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