Bowen Therapy vs Physiotherapy

Many people are aware of physiotherapy and the great benefits this work can have. While not as well known as physiotherapy, Bowen Therapy has significant physical benefits and can aid your healing in many ways. Here is a break down of the similarities and differences between physiotherapy and Bowen Therapy.

Focus and Approach

– Physiotherapy

The focus of physiotherapy is to strengthen muscles, increase the range of motion in joints to a healthy range, and increase the health of the muscle. In order to do this, the physiotherapist will often make use of tools such as hot and cold packs, ultrasound and electric stimulation machines as well is physical manipulation through deep massage, manual stretching and movement of the joints.

– Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy focuses on the connective tissue of the body; the fascia. This tissue runs through and wraps around muscle tissues, binding it together. Bowen Therapy takes a non-invasive and gentle approach to manipulating the fascia in order to release tension held in the muscles. The therapist makes small, gentle rolling movements with their fingers and thumbs over the problem area’s muscles. They leave the room in between adjustments in order to allow the body time to integrate the new adjustments. Bowen Therapy works with the body to assist it in starting its innate healing response, rather than forcing the body. This type of natural therapy decreases muscle tension, resulting in a higher range of motion and better overall health for the muscle.

Bowen Therapy or Physiotherapy?

While both modalities address the flexibility and pain experienced in a muscle, the approaches they take are quite different. Physiotherapy uses a deeper touch to release muscle tension, while Bowen Therapy uses only the amount of pressure necessary for the stimulation of the nervous system. The approach of Bowen Therapy is more gentle and less invasive over-all, allowing the body to drop into the relaxation stimulated by the therapeutic massage.

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