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How Can You Get Your Body Ready to Return to Sport?

So, you are thinking you might like to get your body ready to get back into sport. Your mind is already warmed up but how do you make sure your physical body is healed and strong enough for sport again? Getting back into sport means to be ready to play again as you did pre-injury. Here are some simple tips to get you started.


It’s important that your body feels able to stand steadily and move symmetrically. Because trauma shocks the body, it often leaves you with more ability on one side over the other and this can be a risky thing to have in sport. Bowen therapy is a therapeutic massage that assists the bodies’ natural healing process and speeds up recovery times over having no Bowen therapy. Continuing Bowen therapy and physical therapy is a great way to get your body back to feeling balanced on both sides as well as inside and out.

Muscle and nerve training

Physiotherapy and treatments need to be focussed on regenerating muscle and training the nerves to respond on the right commands. This can be a tedious task so a treatment needs to be engaging and educational for your body. Bowen therapy along with other physical therapy increases the blood flow to affected areas where injury has occurred. The increased blood flow allows there to be a regeneration of the muscle.

Getting focused on healing

Healing is not only about physical training and bodily health. Many active people who have experienced trauma to the body find that the body stays in shock for an extended period of time. Even if the body becomes more functional after the injury, the mind often continues to ‘brace’ itself because it understands that the injured areas need more protection. This can often be one of the longest parts of recovery. Life coaching and talk therapy can be very useful in learning to be more present to what you need right now, get strong mentally and physically together and prepare for the future plans.

Remember you need to be pain-free before returning to sport so, look out for warning signs and give yourself adequate healing time.

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