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How to Find Peace After Abuse

Finding emotional peace after an abusive environment can feel almost impossible. There is so much that has dramatically changed and often, it’s hard to know what is even normal or ‘okay’ anymore. Here are some gentle steps to begin your journey to peace.

Hold yourself. Physically holding yourself and feeling your own warmth is a deeply transformative exercise. Self-touch allows the brain to register your own physical limits and reinforces personal (physical) boundaries. That is a powerful thing when your boundaries have been crossed for too long. Experiment with pressure, speed, temperature and even sensations (patting, tickling, etc) everybody likes different things and the best way is to listen to your own feelings.

Seek support. Restorative natural therapies can assist in learning to accept kindness. Remedial massage or therapeutic massage can bring you relaxation and affirming self-care routines. Being touched by others can be a delicate step in this healing so remember to check in with yourself and do what feels best for you. Reiki can give similar results and most practitioners do not need to physically touch you in a session. Life coaching is also an effective method of support. It allows you to express your experience and create goals for recovery. Talking can be an empowering tool when we learn how to empower our words.

Rest. Your body, mind, and spirit have just been exited from a highly intense situation. Any trauma on the human body or mind requires times to rest and recuperate. So, learn to listen to your needs and rest when you feel the need to. Rest can be found with sleeping, natural therapies, baths, or active kindness like self-touch. It may feel like a big obstacle at first simply because abuse can penetrate our self-worth. Be gentle, you are re-learning you are valid and deserve respect and love.

Above all else, it is important to remember you are giving yourself a new beginning. You knew deep down that you deserve peace and you are already well on the path to creating it every day.

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