The Different Ways Bowen Therapy can Help your Body

Bowen Therapy can help your body heal itself. Here are just a few ways Bowen Therapy can help your body.

Postural Problems

Bowen Therapy targets the fascia of the body, which can often become rigid and stiff in places the body holds tension. This pulls the body into a different posture. Bowen Therapy can help to correct posture that’s been thrown out by this tightening.

Injuries and Chronic Pain

Old injuries and reasons behind chronic pain often cause tightening in the facia and muscle. The gentle adjustments of Bowen Therapy can help to release this tension, sending signals to the brain to give attention to the injury and help to stimulate the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

Respiratory Issues

Respiratory problems such as asthma and hay fever can be greatly improved through the use of Bowen Therapy. The soft and non-invasive adjustments of Bowen Therapy help to calm the nervous system, relaxing the diaphragm. This results in a lowered rate of asthma or hay fever attacks.

Digestive Issues

The signals sent to the nervous system by the gentle touch of Bowen Therapy adjustments also communicates with the digestive system, addressing any legions in the digestive tract that could be causing digestive problems. The switch from the “fight or flight” response to “rest and digest” that Bowen Therapy triggers in the nervous system puts the body in the prime state to begin healing itself.

Menstrual Problems

Bowen Therapy can help address a variety of menstrual issues including decreasing menstrual cramps, PMT, irregular cycles and heavy bleeding. The subtle and gentle rolling movements of a Bowen Therapy treatment create relaxation in the reproductive organs through nervous system stimulation, decreasing pain and addressing anything in the reproductive system that needs healing.

No matter what you need addressing in your health and wellbeing, it is likely Bowen Therapy can aid in your healing. This therapeutic massage can be accessed here at Natural Healing touch, where we have a range of natural therapy modalities to help you on your healing journey. Visit our services page for more information.

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