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Therapeutic Massage and the Importance of Touch

Our high-stress lives mean we often forget to treat ourselves. Balancing our wellbeing is a pivotal part of sustaining our constant journey for success. The simple act of getting a massage or experiencing physical touch is the bases of our human connective experience. So why is it so important to touch and be touched?

It is literally lowering stress. No matter how much alone time we have, therapeutic massage, hugs, and caring touch will always win at releasing tension and promoting happy chemicals in our bodies. Treatments like Bowen therapy, reiki and other types of natural therapy are proven to reduce cortisol levels and sooth our stresses away. The mental and physical benefits are astonishing overall. Physical touch will release tension in the body and transform the nervous system with regular treatments.

You will sleep better. Broken sleep and insomnia are becoming more and more common. Blue ‘junk’ light from screens, overworked minds and busy schedules keep our brains from gradually unwinding each night like they’re meant to. We often fall into bed and pass out after ticking off as many tasks as we can. Massage and touch are shown to reduce overall fatigue. Many people ranging from childhood to the elderly experience improved sleep from therapeutic massage. The touch involved in therapeutic massages increases delta brainwaves that assist in our deep sleep patterns.

Immunity. Lastly, and most importantly along with the above benefits, it will increase your immunity. Therapeutic massage and touch can help reduce symptoms of depression, increase mental relaxation and focus, bring clarity and the increase of white blood cells responsible for protecting humans against disease. Since therapeutic massage promotes relaxation of the mind and body, it is credited to allow the body to experience emotional ‘cooling’. This means less aggression, physical and emotional softness and a faster recovery from illnesses.

Therapeutic massage creates a space for emotional healing, physical recovery and mindfulness development. Its passive nature is a rare and important roll in our health, especially in stressful environments.

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