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When Life Hurts – 3 Tips for the Hard Times

When life hits some speed bumps it can be difficult to know how to care for yourself. Our instincts can make us want to give up, get down or stay down. But it how we manage the tough times that are a testament to our capacity to love ourselves fully. Here are three valuable tips for the hard times.


Often said to be one of the first actions to take in most situations you might not be comfortable with. The moment you stop avoiding the obstacles, and then you will have more emotional space to move into. The path of least resistance can even help the hard times move by faster. So take a moment to breathe, be kind, settle into the discomfort and allow yourself to accept the tough times as well as the easy.


Hard times can often bring a feeling of stagnation. We often want to curl up and hide or are feeling frozen about what to do next. It is obvious that over-thinking certainly doesn’t help to find the answers. When the mind is running laps, it can be beneficial to return to the sensations of your body. There are lots of natural therapies that can give your mind a break. Go and treat yourself to a therapeutic massage like reiki, Bowen therapy or remedial massage. These practices have known effects to support the body to relax and unwind. Ultimately, it can help your mind settle down so you have more clarity.

Seek support

In our society, we are often expected to be highly individualistic, capable and resistant. This can leave us feeling like it’s not okay to ask for help. In actuality, it is human nature to need community. We need support, guidance and the wisdom of others to better our own existence, and vice versa. Seeking life coaching in our modern version of tribal life is a rational, strong and kind way to provide yourself with a space to share ideas and set new goals. Having personal therapy can dramatically assist you in those hard times when you feel most isolated.

Even when the world feels heavy on your shoulders, you can create a lightness that will benefit you and those around you.

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